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African Safari Blog

The Best Kenya Safari Companies

Kenya is home to several safari companies and tour operators agencies that can plan and arrange your safari journey through Kenya. Find an untrustworthy Kenya

Masai Mara Safari Cost Kenya

A perfect safari experience is one that takes you to some of the world’s most beautiful and pristine natural environments. And there is perhaps no

hot air balloon safari tanzania africa

Hot Air Balloon Safari Tanzania

Hot Air balloon safaris in Tanzania are an exciting adventure that will take you to Tanzania National Parks and safari destinations not accessible by road.

9 day tanzania safari

9 days Safari Tanzania

Join us for a 9 days safari journey to Tanzania and get to explore all the hidden jewels that are found in the country. You

wildebeest migration

Wildebeest Migration Safari Tanzania

Wildebeest Migration Africa, Kenya & Tanzania THE WILDEBEEST MIGRATION IN TANZANIA. Tanzania is the biggest country in East Africa and is best known for its

luxury safaris

Tanzania Luxury Safari

A luxury safari in Tanzania is an experience that you should not miss out on when you get the chance. What really makes a safari

safari bag

Tanzania Safari Packing List

Packing for a safari to Tanzania is exciting but at the same time hard because it is hard to know what you will need, what

7 days tanzania safari

Best 7 Days Safari Tanzania

The 7 days safari in Tanzania are a lifetime changing experience where you get to explore the most visited safari destinations in the country. An

tanzania tours

Best 8 days Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania is one of the most visited countries in East Africa and this is because of wild life that can be found in the different

tanzania photo safaris

Tanzania Photo Safari

Tanzania is located in east Africa and is referred to as one of the best safari destinations when it comes to photo safaris. The plains,

tanzania wildlife safaris

Tanzania Budget Safari

When we talk about a safari in Tanzania, tourists see themselves spending thousands of dollars and it sometimes discourages those that are on a budget

10 day safari tanzania

10 Day Safari Tanzania

10 days mid-range safari Tanzania Overview of the tour This 10 days trip will take you around some of the most famous National Parks in

5 day safari tanzania

5 Day Safari Tanzania

A collection of the best 5 Day Tanzania safaris , both lodge safaris and camping safaris with prices of luxury and budget costing respectively. 5

4 day safari

4 Day Safari Tanzania

The 4 day safari will always start in Arusha and end in Arusha. Enjoy a 4 day safari in Tanzania by exploring the different parts

Tanzania Family Safari Africa

A Tanzania family safari is one of the best ways that families can bond while enjoying a holiday in this East African country. With many

ngorongoro crater safari

Tanzania Crater Safari Ngorongoro

The Ngorongoro crater is found in Tanzania in the crater highlands which are located west of Arusha. The crater is part of the large Ngorongoro

Safaris in Tanzania

6 day Safari Tanzania

The 6 day safari is either arranged as a budget safari or luxury safari. It will all depend on what you want and how much

visiting Tanzania

Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Best time for safari in Tanzania Tanzania as a coastal country experiences different weather conditions in the different parts of the country at different times

African Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Rwanda has about half of the population of the Mountain gorillas in the whole world. Most of these gorillas are found in the volcanoes National

Selous River Camp

Selous River Camp is set within forest overlooking the vast Rufiji River on the very edge of the Selous Game Reserve. The lodge, which is

EALA pushes to promote culture, arts

Members of East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) have promised support to Bagamoyo Institute of Arts & Culture (TaSUBa) in a step aimed at marketing it

lions of africa

Wildlife in Selous Game Reserve

Typically, Selous offers wonderful views of wild animals. The number of lakes alongside the main circuit is a great place to view the distinctively numerous

birdwatching in tanzania

Birds in Selous Game Reserve

With over 440 bird species that were recorded in this park, Selous is a fantastic place to watch birds. The most spectacular bird habitats within

Tourism Properties Awarded Eco-Certification

recently 15 tourism properties were awarded an Eco-certification by the first ever Responsible Tourism certification organization in Tanzania, an accreditation scheme that follows step-by-step procedure

Sable Mountain Lodge Tanzania

Sable Mountain is found, humbly, on the Northwestern border of Selous Game Reserve. This camp obtains its name from the footprints of the unusual and

Selous Great Water Lodge

Selous Great Water Lodge is situated on the fringes of the largest wildlife sanctuary in the whole of Africa. You will be able to see

Selous Kinga Lodge

Selous Kinga Lodge is an additional great reason to travel to the marvelous Southern part of Tanzania. This paradise-like getaway is logically and privately located

Selous Wilderness Camp

The Selous Wilderness Camp is found along the palm edges of the broad, twisting River Rufiji, which is among the biggest water systems in the

Selous Luxury Camp Tanzania

Found in the pristine and less explored yet extremely large Selous Game Reserve, the Selous Luxury Camp is the greatest wilderness retreat found inside this

Selous Mbuyu Safari Camp

Concealed in the middle of a think forest and along the riverbanks of River Rufiji, the Selous Mbuyu Safari Camp offers the most wonderful vistas

Mivumo River Lodge

Found up on the banks of the slowly flowing River Rufiji offering breathtaking views down to the dipping fast-moving water of the Stiegler’s Gorge, Serena

Selous Impala Camp

Located in the low sun area of borassus palms plus tamarind trees, The Selous Impala Camp provides very comfy tented accommodation with a warm and

Jimbiza Lodge

Jimbiza Lodge (Selous) The Selous Game Reserve found in Tanzania Covers nearly 50,000 sq km, an expanse larger than Switzerland, is among the largest areas

Beho Beho Selous

This is a magnificent safari lodge found on the slopes of Namikwera Hill in Selous Game Reserve found in the southern part of Tanzania. Enjoy

Selous Riverside Safari Camp

This very Tanzania luxury safari camp is found on the banks of the River in the southern part of Tanzania inside Selous Wildlife Reserve the

Retreat Selous

This Tented lodge is set along the banks of the beautiful River Ruaha inside Selous Game Reserve. At The Retreat, guests will enjoy its picturesque

Kiba Point Safari Lodge

This is among the most exclusive safari lodges in the Selous Reserve, and it situated along the river-banks of the River Rufiji Tanzania’s southern part.

Sand Rivers Selous

Sand Rivers Selous is a much loved safari lodge within the Selous Wildlife Reserve found in the southern part of Tanzania. The lodge offers a

Siwandu Safari Camp

Highlights at Siwandu Formerl Selous Safari Camp, Siwandu is among the most outstanding tented camp found inside the wide Selous Game Reserve in the southern

Rufiji River Camp

Highlights at the Rufiji River Camp This is a basic tented safari camp found inside Selous Game Reserve within the southern part of Tanzania. The

Amara Selous

This is a luxurious tented accommodation property along the river banks of the stunning River Ruaha inside the huge Selous Game Reserve, in the southern

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