Tanzania Luxury Safari

A luxury safari in Tanzania is an experience that you should not miss out on when you get the chance. What really makes a safari to be luxurious is mostly the style of trip and the accommodation that you choose.

Tanzania has too much to offer when it comes to Luxury safaris as you get to visit some of the best safari destinations in the country like Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Lake Manyara national Park.

Wildlife Luxury Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania wildlife luxury safaris

Tanzania, which has the Serengeti National Park as its most important conservation area, is a major tourist destination. Tourists in Tanzania enjoy wildlife safaris to see the big five: lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard. 4 Days Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara costs from US $ 2300.

Birding in Tanzania

luxury birding in Tanzania

Birding is one of the most popular recreational activities in Tanzania and dry periods are good for birding because birds are easier to spot. Species include the African Grey Parrot, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, African crowned eagle and more.

Climbing Kilimanjaro – Luxury Trekking

mount kilimanjaro luxury hike

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro offers a number or excellent and exciting hiking trails in different regions, including the Lemosho Route (one of our favorites), the Shira Plateau Route, Machame Route, Rongai. Visit Africa’s highest mountain.

East Africa Luxury Safaris

Kenya Tanzania Uganda luxury African safari

Using the flight option, you can visit all the East African safari destinations especially Masai Mara in Kenya, Serengeti in Tanzania and go for gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda.

Great Migration Safari

Wildebeest migration safari

Enjoy the migration of the wildebeest in Tanzania’s Serengeti. Spend nights in some of the most luxurious lodges in Serengeti as you watch the great migration of million wildebeest. 14 days great migration safari, cost from US $15000 per person sharing.


Walking Safaris

tanzania walking safari

Most luxurious lodges offer walking safaris. Game viewing can be done even at the lodge or hotel. This is because these lodges are located within the national parks and reserves.

Zanzibar Luxury Trip

zanzibar luxury safari

Visit Zanzibar Island after your mainland safari in Tanzania.

What to expect on a Tanzania Safari

Flexible itinerary, a luxury safari in Tanzania comes with a flexible schedule or itinerary which is not the case with a budget safari where the daily activities are fixed and cannot be changed.

Safari in Tanzania

During a luxury tour, you are in charge of your itinerary and get to make the necessary changes that you want. You will still need to seek guidance on which activities you want to engage from your tour guide but whatever you decide on is what they will go with.

Customized Safari Vehicles

Customized safari vehicles, there are many vehicles that are used for transporting tourists but the beauty of a luxury safari is that you get the best of what they have when it comes to transport.

Tanzania luxury safari companies

Tour operators make sure that the vehicles you will use on your luxury tour are customized, serviced regularly, are in good condition, have large windows for fresh air, an open roof for better viewing of the wildlife and inverters so that your gadgets are fully charged all the time.

Luxury Safari Accommodation

Luxurious accommodation, Accommodation is one of the main factors that affect the cost of a safari. Luxury safaris mean luxurious accommodation facilities that have everything that is needed for one to be comfortable.

There are three main facilities that are used and these are tented camps, lodges and hotels and it doesn’t matter where they are located because they will still be very comfortable.

luxury safari accommodation

The rooms are self-contained with private patios from where you can get a clear view of the animals in the Park, you get private room service and extremely delicious and good food served by a chef. Some accommodation facilities have swimming pools, game rooms and other relaxing activities that will make your safari more entertaining. You can also find luxury accommodation before and after your safari in Arusha such as Legendary Lodge. Dar es salaam has great hotels as well.

How much does a luxury safari cost?

A luxury safari in Tanzania costs over US $ 500 per day. It is not easy to tell how much you will spend on your luxury safari but all you need to know is that it won’t come cheap, especially when it comes to the type of accommodation you choose. Some luxurious lodges charge over $1000 per person per night. We can however estimate that you might be able to spend over $600 per day per person but all this can be cleared by your tour guide after deriving an itinerary for your safari.

African safari luxury cost

Some of the things that might affect your luxury safari cost and these include:

Group size, the smaller the group the more expensive the safari will be and the reverse is true.

Duration, the days that you plan on spending will determine your luxurious safari. More days spent mean more money and the fewer the days, the less money spent.

Season, when you visit Tanzania during the peak season, the safari will be more expensive as compared to when you visit during the rainy season.

When to go for a luxury safari to Tanzania

Tanzania experiences two seasons : the rainy season and the dry season. Each season has various activities that you can carry out and these are what will determine when you should plan for the luxury safari.

Dry season, the dry season is experienced from June to October and during this period you will get to enjoy numerous game drives since the animals can easily be spotted at the various waterholes in the National Parks.

migration of wildebeest safari

It is also during the dry season that you get to enjoy the Island of Zanzibar and the crisp clean white sand beaches and meeting with the locals is a plus. Hikes and guided walks are also best done during this period when the hike routes are neither crowded nor slippery.

The dry season sees a lot of tourists making their way to the different National Parks which are found in Tanzania and that is why it is also known as the peak season. The peak season is always crowded and the cost of everything is hiked therefore if you plan to visit during this time, it is advisable that you book in advance if you want to get the front seats.

Rainy season, also known as the green season the rainy season is experienced from November to April and this is the best time for tourists to watch the calving season (January to February) and birding which is done all throughout the rainy season due to the presence of the migratory birds.

It is a great season for tourists who don’t really mind the wet season and those that hate crowds because the rainy season has few visitors as compared to the dry season. The rainy season is also a good time for tourists who are on a budget because the cost of accommodation, transport and other services offered on a safari are rescued, but for an amazing itinerary and a perfect trip, consider the dry months.

Why you should go for a luxury safari?

Well there are mainly two reasons as to why you should go for a luxury safari in Tanzania and the first one is that it’s a once in a lifetime experience which should be enjoyed to the maximum and the second reason is that there are a lot of fun destinations for you to check out while in Tanzania.

Where to go for a luxury safari Tanzania

Tanzania as a country has a lot of destinations nestled in the different parts of the country and the best destinations you can go to while on your luxury safari in the Northern circuit Tanzania include the following:

Northern Tanzania Safaris

Serengeti National Park Tanzania Luxury Safari

Serengeti luxury safari

Serengeti National Park, Serengeti National Park is located in the Northern part of Tanzania and one of the most visited National Parks in the country.

Some of the activities that you can carry out while here include game drives, hot air balloon rides, birding and guided walks to the Masai villages where you will meet the locals. Serengeti is also the best place to catch the annual wildebeest migration before it moves into Masai Mara which is located in Kenya. Luxury Accommodation in Serengeti includes the Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge and One Nature Hotel Nyaruswiga.

Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania Luxury Safari


&Beyond Crater Lodge

Ngorongoro conservation area, this is a home the Ngorongoro crater which was declared as a UNESCO heritage site a few years ago. The crater is a home to thousands of animals and it is the best place for one to watch the calving season which happens between January and February.

The best luxury lodges include &Beyond Crater Lodge in Ngorongoro and Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater Camp.

Tarangire National Park Luxury Safari

sanctuary swala camp tarangire

Tarangire National Park, also located in the Northern circuit Tanzania Tarangire is best known for having the largest herd of elephants in the country. It is also a home to over 300 bird species and animals which are best seen at the Tarangire River especially during the dry season.

Stay at Sanctuary Swala Camp for your luxurious experience.

Lake Manyara National Park Luxury Safari

Lake manyara luxury safari

Lake Manyara National park, the Park is surrounded by the lake which covers ¾ of the Park. The park is the best place to view aqua animals especially hippos and the lesser pink flamingo. Best luxury lodge is Chem Chem Lodge.


Grumeti Game Reserve

Grumeti is within the Serengeti ecosystem. Its great for walking safaris and night game drives. The lions. 7 Days, fly in Grumeti Serengeti costs $ 5000. Stay at Singita Sasakwa lodge, Singita Faru Faru and Singita Sabora Tented Camp.

Grumeti safari lodge

The southern circuit National Parks that you can visit on your luxury safari include the following:

South Western Tanzania

Selous Game Reserve Tanzania Safari

selous luxury safari

Selous Game Reserve / Nyerere National Park, is located in the southern circuit in Tanzania which is found along the southern border of Tanzania. It is the largest National Park in the country and is a home to many animals and birds as well. Stay at Selous Serena Camp and Selous Kinga Lodge

Udzungwa National Park Tanzania Safari


udzungwa national park

Udzungwa National Park, the park is surrounded by two mountains that is the Udzungwa and Uluguru Mountains which create a good backdrop for the Park. The park is a home to two endangered species of primates which cannot be found anywhere else in the world and these are the Iringa red colobus and the Sanje Mangebay.

Mukumi National Park Tanzania Tour


mikumi safaris

Mikumi national Park, the Park is right next to the Udzungwa and one of the least visited Parks in Tanzania. Some of the animals that you will see in Mikumi include wildebeests, hippos, waterbucks, lions and elephants.

Other destinations worth a luxury include Lake Tanganyika and Mahale Mountains. Ruaha ( stay at Asilia Jabali Ridge), Burigi Chato also offer great wildlife viewing.

For the best of northern Tanzania safaris, see offers from various African safari companies listed here.