TTB Supports Mtwara Cultural and Tourism Fair

Mtwara a town in southern Tanzania that came to the limelight following the discovery of gas offshore a few years back, is going to exhibit the tourism plus cultural attractions in the region from 16th to 17th August when the amazing Mtwara Festival will be conducted. This festival is arranged by a local NGO – Tanzania Creative Industries Network.

Mtwara-festival-TzThe Tanzania Tourism Board has tossed its efforts plus resources behind this festival and is joining up with other different organizations as well as private sector firms to attract attention to this section of the country that besides the discovery of gas is less known in the area leave alone the rest of the world.

At the start of the week the government of Tanzanian made public its plans to construct a railway line connecting Dar es Salaam with Mtwara that is connected by Air Tanzania plus Precision Air and with the commercial capital by road transport to this side of the country needs driving for very long hours.

Accessibility to the Selous Game Reserve is achievable now from Mtwara and Mnazi Bay Marine National Park as well offers information about the marine life on this Tanzanian southern stretch of the coast towards the national boundary with Mozambique.

Referred to as the ‘Mtwara Festival’, this is the first ever yearly event, to happen at the Lawi Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium within the speedily developing municipality, will be characterized by a variety of cookery flavor, rhythms, arts plus music.

This year the theme of the festival is going to be ‘Fursa Zimefunguka, Tuzitambue, Tujiandae, Tuzichangamkie’ (which means that Opportunities have opened up, let’ us identify them and exploit them), and Mr. Mizengo Pinda the Prime Minister is expected to officiate this event.

In accordance with a press release by the Tanzania Creative Industries Network, the Mtwara Festival “is as a result of the alliance between it, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation as well as supported by the TTB – Tanzania Tourist Board.

This festival is among the strategies of TTB to bring in more tourists in the country and also create economic plus tourist opportunities for these port areas.

It is likewise regarded a communication platform and also tactic that the community will become familiar with the numerous opportunities surrounding them and even boost their pride by promoting Mtwara together with Lindi as Tanzania places to visit, invest and live.

Executive Chairman of TACIN Mr. Anic Kashasha was quoted in the saying that these two coastal places having beautiful untouched beaches as well as plentiful of history, creativity and even culture which throughout this entire festival will not only bring in a large number of foreigners but also stimulate tourism within these communities.

In addition Mr. Kashasha explained that the discovery of natural gas within Lindi and Mtwara in 2012 of will additionally contribute to the overall economic advancement within these places and even create more opportunities for starting up jobs and generate revenue.


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