Tourism Properties Awarded Eco-Certification

recently 15 tourism properties were awarded an Eco-certification by the first ever Responsible Tourism certification organization in Tanzania, an accreditation scheme that follows step-by-step procedure to evaluate hotels plus lodges with regards to their socio-cultural, environmental as well as economic activities depending on the standards which were customized particularly to match the local Tanzanian plus the international prerequisites.

Unguja-LodgeThese requirements are arranged with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council – GSTC that functions as the international body for cultivating more knowledge plus understanding of the different practices of sustainable tourism, promoting the usage of international sustainable tourism guidelines as well as creating demand for sustainable-travel.

Going throughout an extensive verification process to approve the tourism properties that are running their business in a very responsible as well as sustainable way, tourism properties have been honored Responsible Tourism Certificates, as the initial plan to audit as well as evaluate the sustainability plus responsibility of the hotels as well as other tourism properties within Tanzania; some of the tourism facilities that were honored with certificates of conformity include: Tarangire National Park’s Oliver`s Camp, Sayari Camp, Serengeti National Park’s Olakira Camp, Dunia Camp, Isoitok Camp, Manyara Region’s Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp, the Blue Oyster Hotel, Red Monkey Lodge, Chumbe Island Lodge, Unguja Lodge, Kilindi Zanzibar as well as Mangrove Lodge Zanzibar.

Anwar Beiser from Zanzibar’s Blue Oyster Hotel said that It was a delight to participate in the process, and that they are extremely happy to learn about this successful certification. In addition Unguja Lodge’s Ellies said that they are likewise thrilled

Mark from Red Monkey Lodge found in Zanzibar said that they wish to underline that the accreditation from Responsible Tourism Tanzania is viewed by them as a huge achievement, as this is dependent on real audits conducted by professionals and comes after a checklist with particular standards. Mangrove Lodge’s Marina said that only last year they began the Responsible Tourism Certification process and eventually they accomplished their goal, for which they are extremely happy.

Responsible Tourism Tanzania has a substantial geographical cover of several certified properties within Tanzania having properties certified in Tarangire, Zanzibar Island as well as Serengeti, and a number of other distant areas like Hondo Hondo Camp which is located on the boundaries of Udzungwa Mountains National Park as well as Siwandu Camp that is well located in a good area to see the numerous wildlife within Selous Game Reserve; plus Ras Kutani Lodge that rests South of the capital of Dar es Salaam in a virgin-coastal forest. The owner of Hondo Hondo – Hannah Wood Said that they acquired the news of this certification with great happiness, mentioning that the certification emphasizes the commitment of the lodge to Sustainable Tourism as well as conservation principles. She went on to say that Hondo Hondo is pleased to acquire the Certification and hopes to continue as the number one in Sustainable Tourism within Tanzania. Each of their staff members has worked very hard together with the local community to ensure that their lodge is run as responsibly as they can and they are happy to have this acknowledged by RTTZ.

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