Jimbiza Lodge

Jimbiza Lodge (Selous)

The Selous Game Reserve found in Tanzania Covers nearly 50,000 sq km, an expanse larger than Switzerland, is among the largest areas reserved for wildlife conservation in the whole world and infact it is listed as one of the world heritage sites.

Jimbiza Lodge is located with Selous Game Reserve’s buffer zone on the right side of River Rufiji only 4 km from Mtemere gate.

The Jimbiza Lodge focuses on offering great value plus excellent service better than any you will find elsewhere close to the Selous Game Reserve. They have beautiful professional rooms that offer breathtaking views sweeping over River Rufiji and we provide various exciting trips from the lodge down to the river as well as within the Game Reserve.

Each of the rooms is very comfortable, large and really clean. There are 3 different room types of rooms which are all entirely unique in their own particular way.

Bandas– Fashionable designs, smaller as well as a more safe feeling with netting ceilings that keep you near nature as well as breathtaking view of the adjacent river.
Riverside tents-These large tents offer guests a great feeling as well as closeness to Mother Nature. These as well have direct views of the river.

Treetops– These on the other hand are tinnier than the previously mentioned riverside tents although they are more hidden in the center of the bush up on the platform. Certainly these are ideal for people interested in enjoying more privacy.

Some of the activities to enjoy while staying at Jimbiza Lodge Selous

Game drives: We provide game drives that go half day as well as those that go for the entire day in Selous Game Reserve. On guest’s demand, you can drive up to the beautiful hot springs and even explore Selous’ Grave during the full day game drives.

Boat Safaris
We as well organize thrilling boat safaris on the beautiful River Rufiji taking your our own private boat. This trip takes approximately two and half hours and visitors get the opportunity to see the numerous hippos, crocodiles in addition to many different uncommon birds. Among the wild animal here are elephants which may as well be seen right from the boat. Although we conduct our boat safaris outside the Selous Game Reserve however guests that are interested in taking a boat safari within the Reserve, we can make all the necessary arrangements although this will be done at an additional cost.

Walking Safaris
We organize walking safaris within the Game Reserve. Fortunately the area in which these walking safaris are conducted is decided particularly by the armed Rangers who will accompany you during these thrilling walking trips.

About the Lodge

There are offer 15 guest rooms found on the banks of River Rufiji. The lodge has been operational since the month of October in 2008 and they aim at offering the finest services as well as a bush experience within the Selous.

The Selous is the biggest game reserve in the whole of Africa and present an exceptional experience to all those that get the opportunity of exploring it. The Selous found in Tanzania’s southeastern part covers 55,000 sq miles, which area is actually wider than Switzerland and two times the size of Massachusets.

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