Tanzanian Warned On Social Media Difficulty

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority – TCRA has warned the public to exercise more care while browsing or even post their opinions on social media otherwise they go into trouble and cause anxiety plus disharmony within society.

facebookIn accordance with the authority, this warning merges in the wake of growing improper use of the social media within the country, the pattern which, if not decreased, could drop the country in chaos. Innocent Mungy the Head of Corporate Communications of TCRA said during a not long ago interview conducted within Dar es Salaam that a number of people were unaware of the terms of use for the different social media networks and therefore their abuse.

It has been verified that when signing up for websites like these, the majority of people rush to click the ‘I agree’ button even though they don’t have knowledge of what the terms really mean.

A week ago, a number of Arusha residents hurried to witness a supposed ‘fire incident’ at Naura Springs Hotel, that is found at the Sanawari Junction on the Arusha Moshi Highway.

Photos of a construction looking like the hotel were distributed across a number of social platforms, such as WhatsApp, Face book, Viber as well as Twitter suggesting that this building was burning down. In spite of this, it was confirmed afterwards by management that it wasn’t true.

The rumors of a fire at Naura Springs was the second in that week to be pass on, after a highly distributed false claim that a senior leader at CHADEMA passed away in a terrible road accident.

He added that the improper use of social media is an international challenge; however it isn’t an obligation of TCRA to handle the behaviour of people since they have all willingly joined these sites. It is their responsibility to oblige to set polices.

Mr. Mungy went on to say that those who didn’t misuse social media weren’t conscious of what is stated in the terms and condition since they aren’t accountable to the moderator anytime something is in contrast for example sharing indecent images.

Social media is a kind of interaction between people in where they create exchange and even share information plus ideas in digital networks plus communities.

Technology of Social media takes on a variety of forms, such as magazines, micro blogging, Internet forums, social bookmarking, weblogs, rating, social blogs, photographs/pictures, wikis, podcasts, social networks as well as video.

Clarifying further on this issue he explained that the ‘Futa Delete Kabisa’ campaign, that is targeted at inspiring improved use of the communication networks, especially social networks, continues to be operational and dislike messages which are disheartened in all the different communication platforms.

Ms Beatrice Dalaris the manager of Naura Springs Outfit said that rumors of this kind circulated through social media ruin their image and could at times lead to the country losing their customers.

She further explained that they have customers who made their reservations long ago, particularly those from other countries and each time they read this kind of misleading information, they certainly cancel their reservations.

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