Tanzania Honeymoon Zanzibar, 10 Best Places

Gifted with sights like the Kilimanjaro Mountain, the Ngorongoro Crater, the Great Wildebeests, the remarkable coastal towns like Zanzibar and so many others, Tanzania is sure to make your celebratory holiday the most thrilling, exciting and uniquely ideal honeymoon better than it appeared in your dreams. Here’s a look at some of the places and things you can get to take part in should you happen to opt for Tanzania as your paradise destination.

zanzibar honeymoon

#1 Zanzibar Honeymoon Holidays

The best honeymoon destination in Tanzania is Zanzibar,  a place with gleaming seas and sapphire skies, white sandy beaches and lots of lush scented spice and herb farms that leave you staring in awe. In Zanzibar is a Stone Town with coral-hued architectural labyrinth buildings that have an Indian, Arabian, Portuguese and African influence. Take part in activities like surfing, snorkeling, flying kites, swimming and or even diving into its rich turquoise waters. At the coast are traditional stilted sailing vessels called Dhows that you can opt to take a sail on while heading to Pemba. The Hideaway at the Nyungwe Resort and Spa is one of the several lodging facilities and resorts that provide a luxurious experience when on your honeymoon.

#2 The Serengeti Plains

Serengeti is a wonder with gigantic skies, cosmic plains and a supernatural kaleidoscope of flora and fauna. The magnificent scenery is a striking setting for the yearly Great Migration of Zebras and Wildebeests all over the savannah while searching for food. For those that are a little exhausted from the Kilimanjaro experience, staying at any of the luxurious 5 star hotels will do you justice; take for example the Four Seasons Lodge that is just near a watering hole that swarms with gazelles, zebras and elephants. Other places like mobile campsites are available especially for those on budget and still can give you an experience with nature.

Possibly one of the best parks in Africa, the Serengeti, which means a “never ending landscape” in the language of the Masai people, stretches all the way to the border between Kenya and Tanzania. It is characterized by open grasslands that go for over 100 miles and are spotted with the infrequent kopje which is a rocky outcrop. Sometimes in the park, cheetahs can be seen inspecting the horizon. Just north of the park is the preferably quieter side where you can watch the game uninterrupted.

There are quite a number of camps in the park that are scattered all over the vast area but the Sayari Camp is one great choice because first, it overlooks the Mara River and secondly, its tents are luxurious in a way that you can watch the game animals and flora unfold as you lay on your bed, all courtesy of its sliding glass doors.

#3 Ngorongoro Crater Safari

The Ngorongoro Crater, which is 30 kilometers wide, was created over 2 to 3 million years ago due to the explosion and crumple of a volcano. Now covered in grassland, the Ngorongoro crater is home to a numerous number of wildlife like mammals that it protects by its 600 meter high walls. Impalas and Black Rhinos are many among other game that you can get an opportunity to see when here, though the latter is much concentrated here than in any other place in Tanzania.

The Ngorongoro Crater one of the many jewels that Tanzania has to flaunt. It is not only the largest unfolded volcanic crater worldwide but it also has wonderful and diverse wildlife that stays in a partly enclosed and distinct ecosystem used also by the Masai to graze their cattle. With luck, get to see among others the rare black rhino and many other game from the Big 5, the jackals, gazelles, bat eared fox and cheetahs. While here, staying at places like the Beyond Crater Lodge not only give you a 5 star experience but also give you a never-ending view of the crater.

#4 The Isolated Safari Camps in Tarangire

The Tarangire National Park just south east of the crater is a place that offers you consistent sightings of wildlife. However, the dry season that runs from June all through to September is the most favorable time to visit here because flocks of animals that travel far and wide come to quench their thirst here at the Tarangire River. With the many available camps around, the Little Oliver’s Camp is preferably suggested because it gives you the luxurious comfort in all its 12 tents. Characterized with very elevated ceilings, huge timber framed beds, lavish bathrooms and open-air showers that have one wall a bit lower than the other so you could see the wildlife, the camp is simply amazing.

#5 The Selous Game Reserve.

The Selous Game Reserve is the largest of its kind in Africa despite the fact that the tourists that visit are quite few compared to the much smaller Serengeti. To get to Selous much quicker, a plane that comes with great aerial views of the reserve can be got from Dar-es-Salaam. The Rufiji River meanders through Selous’ grassy woodlands and a boat taken from here takes you on an exciting exploration as you spot the water animals like the crocodiles and hippos or better yet see the diverse birdlife like the Orange beaked African Skimmer. Here, the Lake Manze Camp just at the shores of Lake Manze is the real deal when it comes to finding a place to stay. This is because it comes with 12 tents that overlook the elephant corridor at the camp’s edge and their satisfactorily spaced secluded verandas which not many safari camps here have.

#6 The Mafia Islands

Not so far away from the south of Zanzibar, these Mafia Islands are an archipelago; a somewhat indefinite thread of little Islands characterized with beaches and mangroves. Spotting white sharks and diving in the marine reserve of Rufiji Mafia Kilwa are common activities especially during the months of March and October. The Pole Pole Bungalows are the ideal place to stay when at the Mafia Islands.

Pole Pole Bungalows on the Mafia Island is a place that beautiful blends in with the nature that gives you the feeling of serenity and tranquility and just the perfect atmosphere for you to connect with your partner. Take a boat cruise till you to the Islands and are welcomed by the 7 bungalow suites surrounded by a garden that overlooks the Chole Bay, which is the heart of Mafia Island’s Marine Park with shades of blue. Enjoy great meals from the elite eco-resorts around the globe, experience the environment and culture and do so much more.

#7 Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro

Begin your honeymoon getting ready to climb the high slopes of the Kilimanjaro. Fitness is key however because the journey is quite challenging thus it requires you to be very healthy and strong but still all the more eager to begin. Start your excitement at the dynamic Moshi which is the town at the base and is close to the Kilimanjaro foothills. Drive through banana and coffee plantations that lead you to the beginning point of a route that is at the top of the mountain. The Machame Route is recommended since the view is rather stunning.  The hike lasts for about 6 to 7 days and lets you have an experience of 4 different types of weather; you will be sleeping outdoors since it lets you have the perfect view of the stars that flood the sky. Some of the highlights consist of a jumble up the “breakfast wall” at the Barranco Camp on the 5th day which is somewhat challenging though physically possible. Also, the incline to Uhuru that begins in the dark but later meets the apricots and pinks of dawn on Africa’s rooftop is something to look forward to.

#8 Bagamoyo Honeymoon

Sitting on an isolated Island in the southern part of Bagamoyo, the Lazy Island Lodge not only offers bespoke services but also is a grand scene for lovers that desire hush-hush coastal memories. It only takes you an hour to get to Bagamoyo if you are driving from Dar es Salaam thereafter another 15 minutes to get to the Lazy Lagoon on a boat. On the Island are 12 spacious seashore bungalows that have twin beds with an attic upstairs. The bungalows also have an upper porch and balcony that gives you perceptible views of the ocean and direct access to the beach as well. Take part in activities like snorkeling and explorations in the mangrove that will only be interrupted by the meals that will be freshly prepared.

#9 Usambara Mountains

If the classic coastal holidays aren’t for you then the serene Usambara Mountains is just the place for you to be. Located in Tanga, the mountains are peaceful and perfect for an idealistic getaway with your loved one. Also here is a lodge; the Muller’s Mountain Lodge that hidden at heart of the mountains and it is for those that prefer keeping affairs private. Its lodges are the ancient farmhouse kind although perfected with amenities that are fresh, climbing trails, magnificent forest reserves and a waterfall that is close by. The place also offers a homely and likable ambiance consisting of a library and board games.

#10 Protea Hotel Courtyard in Dar-es-salaam

Just located in the city center near the Julius Nyerere International Airport, the Protea Hotel Courtyard gives you a wide variety of choices to pick out; from the foods to the beach hotels, to the cultural sights and so much more. Whether you are there for leisure, or even business, the Protea Hotel has got you covered in each and every way with its modern facilities like an outdoor pool, a health club and a bar and restaurant to mention but a few.



Even though one can opt to visit Tanzania during anytime of the year, certain seasons are better avoided like throughout late March all the way to May which is a very wet season characterized with heavy rainfall. June on the other hand is rather cost effective thus it could be a good time to travel since hotel prices are low and the guests are very few. Drier months of July all through to September are however better times to travel especially while on honeymoon in the wild since sightings of game in search for water are grass will be so much predictable.