Mtwara Festival to Elevate Profile of Southern Tanzania

The very first yearly Mtwara Festival that is planned to be held in September is anticipated to induce tourism plus economic opportunities within the southern region of Tanzania.

Mtwara-FestivalSouthern Tanzania is abundant with natural gas as well as tourism opportunities. The majority of the discoveries of natural gas have been made on the offshore plus onshore of Mtwara.

Mizengo Pinda the Prime Minister of Tanzania is expected to actually officiate this festival.

This means food, rhythm, arts as well as music are getting to Mtwara city to celebrate the first ever yearly Mtwara Festival that will start from the 16th to the 17th August 2014 in the Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium in Mtwara.

The theme this year is going to be ‘Fursa Zimefunguka, Tuzitambue, Tujiandae, Tuzichangamkie,’ meaning Mtwara plus Lindi opportunities have made available; let us identify them and explore them.

The Mtwara Festival was created as a jointed effort of Tanzania Creative Industries Network – TACIN as well as Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation – TPDC.

It is supported by the Tanzanian Tourism Board – TTB, as their plan to attract visitors as well as create tourism plus financial opportunities to this previously deep-water port area.

The Mtwara Festival is an interraction strategy plus platform that the community will be able to learn about the plentiful opportunities surrounding them, and as well boost their pride through the marketing of Mtwara plus Lindi as destinations to visit, reside, work as well as carry out business.

Anic Kashasha the Executive Chairman of TACIN said that Mtwara plus Lindi are together coastal areas having pristine beaches as well as plentiful of rich history, creativity plus culture that through this annual Festival, will draw in even more foreigners, promoting tourism these two destinations.

He explained that the not long ago discovery made in 2012 of the natural gas within Linidi plus Mtwara will as well play a big role in the economic development in the two regions since it will generate more possibilities for creating different jobs as well as generate income through connecting the local economy to the gas economy.

Mtwara for several years has been hardly ever influenced by the outside world and the reasons why this is so is the late development perhaps running way back to the early colonial times when the Portuguese together with the Germans wanted a buffer area and made use of River Ruvuma as the border.

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