Light Aircraft Operations Increase in Tanzania


Among the top rated operators of light aircrafts offering scheduled flights from their 3 hubs found in Mwanza, Dar es Salaam as well as Arusha to a total of twenty one destinations throughout East Africa’s biggest country as well as charter flights to another Ten destinations, yesterday publicized the opening of a reservation office within Nairobi. The office located in Nairobi allows clients to reserve and even easily pay before traveling to Tanzania for business or for holiday.

Running a consistent fleet of Nine Cessna Grand Caravan C208Bs, the most recent brand-new aircraft which at the satrt of this year was delivered to Auric Air, can get to the distant parts of this country where usually just rough short airstrips work as landing grounds. Because of that intention, each of the aircraft is designed with a STOL kit, making it possible for the already outstanding takeoff as well as landing performance to be enhanced by an extra 20% decrease of the takeoff roll. Each of the aircrafts are as well equipped with proper safety equipment usually installed in the bigger aircraft such as Indigo Sat, TCAS as well as EGPWS. Each of the birds as well possesses an ex-factory enhanced APE – three capability that lifts the highest takeoff weight of approximately 9,000 pounds.

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