New Calls to Prohibit Wildlife Hunting Within Tanzania

The opposition within the Tanzanian parliament has requested that the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism terminate the hunting license of a company, that in a marketing video clip – was played to the members of sessional committee – is viewed to defy a number of the terms and conditions of the license.
Poached-ElephantRegular source based in Arusha who passed on this information yesterday, following this most recent scandal in the wildlife industry of Tanzania became public said that through shooting the video they showed themselves in the footage. Apparently the video has incriminating displays of cars chasing wild animals; the usage of automatic weapons equipped with silencers; as well as the shooting of young cubs, several females, plus animals that are not listed among the hunting regulations. In the event that this is found true, each of the offenders could be fined as much as Ten million Tanzania shillings and may face jail term of Six months and Ten years.
The company involved was offered a hunting block regardless of possessing a non-functional website that was registered under the UAE, indicating that everything wasn’t right with the allocation of the hunting blocks a year ago, previously a consistent emphasis of accusations over practice of corruption.
As Lazarus Nyalandu the Minister for Natural Resources & Tourism gave a quick public statement, stating that the accusations were being looked into and that in case any proof of wrong doing was discovered, the license will be withdrawn and this company and all the staff charged, conservationists have used this opportunity yet again to condemn hunting as one of the wildlife unsustainable activities and demanded a complete ban of it.
We understand the untrue stories hunting companies sell. They speak of some much benefit to the local Tanzanian people but the truth is that just a handful of benefits get to the Tanzanians, while the biggest portion of the money stays with these hunting companies overseas. We compliment the action by the ultimate American Fish plus Wildlife to prohibit the importation of trophies from East Africa’s Tanzania into US. Two weeks back When the Tourism minister announced that he was intending to the number of permits issued for elephant hunting by half that was certainly a great start. However, What Tanzania needs, is a complete ban on elephant hunting, since the large herds have been unfortunately ruined.
Another regular source commented that these hunters usually have a large mouth regarding how they reduce poaching, however just as government itself, they haven’t done a single thing to stop the huge slaughter of the elephant killed in tens of thousands over the last couple of years. Hunting today is wrong, and we will continuously campaign to disgrace those engaged in this terrible business. We will name all the executive bosses who go hunting and also strike their companies with calls to shun all their products. Just like putting on fur coats turned into a no-go issue, similarly we shall make use of the exact approach to get ensure that hunting is banned. Conservation plus Hunting are major opposing forces and there isn’t any quantity of words that can conceal the truth that it isn’t sustainable. It’s about time to inform the entire world that wildlife hunters are actually killers, but not protectors as for too long they have lied.

Best of Tanzania