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3 days safari Tanzania

The 3 days safari Tanzania offers you a chance to enjoy some of the best destinations in the country in a short period of time but with a lot of fun. There are various destinations that you can visit during this time and these include the UNESCO heritage site of Ngorongoro, Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and Tarangire and also enjoy a cultural trip with the Masai among other things.

3 Day Northern Tanzania Safari

3 day safari tanzania

Tour length :  3 days
Language used: English
Age range : 5 to 80 years
Region  :Northern part of Tanzania
Destinations ” Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro crater
3 day Safari Cost:  From $679 Per Person
Number of people     6 people

Booking for this tour is extremely flexible and all you need to do is book in advance to avoid any inconveniences. The three days in the northern circuit will majorly constitute gam viewing from the different national parks that you will visit and although it might look like a short trip, it is worthwhile because you will have a good time.

Tour Package Details

This three days itinerary always starts and ends in Arusha. It involves three destinations that is Lake Manyara, Tarangire National Park and finally the Ngorongoro Crater. The itinerary will include transport, a tour guide, accommodation and meals.

Day 1: Arusha to Tarangire National Park

You will be picked from Arusha after a hefty breakfast from your hotel at around &:00am and driven to the Tarangire National Park. Tarangire has quite beautiful scenery and some of the things that you will see while on your drive include ancient baobab trees, a few lions, zebras, buffalos, Oryx, elephants and a large number of birds. After a long day of game viewing, you will be taken to the chosen accommodation facilities nearby for the night.

Day 2: Tarangire Park to Lake Manyara National Park

The word Manyara comes from the Masai word Maa which means trees. Before leaving Tarangire, you will have breakfast from the campsite and then set off Lake Manyara National Park is a home to over 400 bird species and these can be seen during the green season with the international birds that are available during this time. There are also quite a number of wild animals that you get to see while on a game drive through the Park some of which include wildebeest, baboons, elephants, impalas, hippos and buffalos among others. Some of the bird species that you will also get to see include the famous pink flamingo, yellow billed storks, heroin and many more others.

The Lake Manyara National Park is surrounded by the Lake Manyara which is filled with alkaline water and after driving your days’ tour, you get to enjoy a wonderful dinner before settling down for the night in the chosen campsite.

Day 3: Ngorongoro crater to Arusha

The Ngorongoro crater is the last place that you will visit before ending your trip and then back to Arusha. Ngorongoro crate has a wide range of animals that include a large number of hyenas, wildebeests, gazelles, rhinos, lions, zebras, about 300 elephants, buffalos, zebras and many more others and these are best seen during the dry season.

It is also a home to over 500 bird species that are majorly seen during the green season which starts in November and ends around April. Some of the special birds that you will see include the kori bastard, ostriches and the secretary bird. You will also get to meet the Masai who live and graze their animals in the crater. Then later in the day, you will be driven back to Arusha which brings an end to your trip.

3 day Tanzania Classic Safari

3 day trip Tanzania

Tour length: 3 days
Language used: English
Age range: 5 to 80 years
Destinations: Mountain Meru, Moshi
3 Day Price : From $600  per person

The Itinerary

This trip starts from Moshi and still ends in Moshi. It is filled with mostly hiking and therefore you should be ready for the trip by packing appropriately. The hike will be taken from Mountain Meru and the itinerary includes transport, accommodation, meals and an experienced tour guide.

During your hike up the Mountain Meru, there will be loads of animals that you will come across. At first the ascent will be easy but will become a little difficult as you get to the summit. The hike up Mount Meru is not as crowded as the hike up the Kilimanjaro and therefore for all those that love a little solitary time with their families, this is the right place for you.

Day 1: Moshi to Miriakamba Hut

The hike from Moshi to Miriakamba Hut is about 2500m and it takes 5-7 hours. The hike will start after a heavy breakfast from Moshi and since the chances of meeting with the wildlife in the area is high, you will be escorted with both a tour guide and an armed game ranger for safety. You have to register with the Tanzania National Park before you start the hike and it is also advised that you hire some potters to help you with the luggage.

As you hike up, you will get to see waterfalls, the famous Ngarenanyuki River and wildlife. When you get to the Hut, you will enjoy a hot meal prepared by the chef as you enjoy the sunset before settling down for the night at the campsite.

Day 2: Miriakamba Hut to the Saddle Hut

The saddle Hut is at 3500m and it takes about 3 to 5 hours to get to the saddle hut from the Miriakamba Hut. The ascent will give you a clear view of the Ash Tray and the crater of Mountain Meru and you will also get to meet some wild animals along the way. It is not that a long journey and once you get to the saddle hut, you will be served dinner and then you get to rest before continuing your journey to the summit.

Day 3: Saddle Hut to the Summit

The hike up the summit normally starts just a few minutes past midnight and this is after a short but not heavy meal. The hike trail up the summit is steep and there are two points that you have to get to before getting to the summit that is the Rhino point and the cobra point.

The summit is at 4566m with the rhino point at 3800m. The cobra point is the last one before you get to the summit but you must have strong hike boots so that you do not slide and it is advisable that you follow all the guidelines that are given to you by the tour guide. You will get to the summit in the morning and after a few hours of resting and enjoying the good vies of the Kilimanjaro Mount and the Ash tray, you will begin your descent to the Momella gate and then you will be driven back to Moshi.

3 days Serengeti Tour

3 day serengeti safari

Tour length: 3 days
Language used :  English
Age range: 8 to 80 years
Destinations: Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater
Safari Cost: From $400 Per Person
Maximum number: 6people


This trip starts and ends in Arusha and it take a maximum of three days to come to an end. You will be able to enjoy these three days in Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro crater before being driven back to the airport in Arusha. The services provided in this itinerary include accommodation, an experienced tour guide, meals and transport all throughout your stay.

Day 1: Arusha to Serengeti

Your day will start in Arusha between 7:00 and 8:00am. You will be picked from the hotel and driven to the Serengeti National Park by a professional driver from where you will get to see large herds of animals like giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, elephants, elands, impalas, gazelles, buffalos and many more others. The drives are normally taken during the dry season as this is the time when most animals can be seen converging around the few waterholes that are found in the National Park. After the drive, you will settle down at the recommended campsite and enjoy dinner and a camp before resting for the night.

Day 2: Serengeti National Park

Day 2 is also spent in Serengeti National Park and this is because while in Serengeti, you will be able to enjoy the great annual animal migration which sees over 1.6 million animals crossing from Serengeti to the Masai Mara in Kenya. The animals migrate following the rains and some of the animals that you will have chance to see during the migration through the crocodile infested River include Zebras, buffalos, the crocodiles, wildebeests, gazelles, cheetahs, leopards among others and you can take as many photos as you need of the migrating animals. A picnic will be provided during the drive but note that there are specific places from where you are to have your lunch and the details will be provided by the tour guide. Enjoy a fun filled day at the Serengeti before retiring to the campsite for the night.

Day 3: Ngorongoro crater

Day 3 begins with a drive from Serengeti to the Ngorongoro crater which is majorly covered with alkaline water from the Magadi Lake. It is best known to be a home to over 400 bird species and you will get to see the famous pink flamingo and other wild animals that are found in the National Park. A lunch will be parked for you and you can enjoy it at the crater and after the lunch, you will be dropped at the airport or the hotel depending on your itinerary.

3 day safari in Mikumi National Park

3 day mikumi safari

Tour length: 3 days
Language used: English
Age range: 5 to 94 years
Destinations: Mikumi National Park
3 Day Safari Cost : From $400 Per Person
Number of people: 12 people

Safari Itinerary

This 3 day safari will start in Dar es Salaam and will still end in Dar es Salaam. Unlike other tours which are joined with other destinations, all the days of this trip will be spent in Mikumi National Park and then on the third day, you will be driven back to the city.

Day 1: Dar es Salaam to Mikumi

You will be picked from Dar es Salaam in the morning and driven to Mikumi National Park where you will enjoy the afternoon game drives with an experienced tour guide. some of the animals that are found in Mikumi include zebras, sables, jackals, hyenas, lions, hartebeest, elephants, giraffes, buffalos and many more others.

Day 2: Mikumi National Park

Day 2 will be spent exploring the National Park till late in the evening and thereafter, you will enjoy the sunset, a dinner before resting for the night.

Day 3: Mikumi to Dar es Salaam

On the third day, you will get an early morning drive through the Mikumi National Park which will end at around midday or 1:00pm and then you will be driven back to Dar es Salaam and dropped off either at your hotel or the airport depending on where you want to go and this will be the end of your trip.

Start planning your 3 day safari in Tanzania as soon as possible so that you get the best experience with your loved ones.


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