The Best Kenya Safari Companies

Kenya is home to several safari companies and tour operators agencies that can plan and arrange your safari journey through Kenya.

Find an untrustworthy Kenya tour company online is no easy task, but this insightful blog provides you with an outline of some of the top tour operators services in Kenya.

1. Expeditions Masai Safari

Expeditions Maasai Safari of Kenya won two topscorebrands Awards on Thursday, December 1st: Most Affordable & Caring Travel Agency and Most Trusted Travel Company.

This firm provides an array of tour packages and specializes in helping tourists create authentic travel experiences across multiple destinations within and outside the country. Furthermore, they also offer tailor-made solutions tailored specifically for their clientele.

World Travel Awards-accredited firm offering top-tier customer service and value for money. Their reliable team of experts provide impeccable service while offering excellent value for money.

Guest accommodations at this expedition camp reflect the atmosphere of authentic expedition camps with private verandahs, private bathrooms with bucket shower, toilet and vanity units and an outdoor dining space under a starry sky. Each tent also includes a lounge area as well as dining facilities available to its residents.

2. Bonfire Adventures

Bonfire Adventures is an experienced tours and travel company, boasting more than 10 years of handling inbound and outbound holidays for both domestic and international tourists from around the globe. Renowned for creating customized tours tailored to fit every budget–from the economical to luxurious–Bonfire Adventures is known for providing tailored itineraries tailored just to each tourist.

Bonfire Adventures employs 60 people and ranks fifth among its competitors in terms of revenue. Alongside offering tour and travel services, Bonfire Adventures also provides travel insurance, concierge services and an array of ancillary products and services; its signature products include escorted tours to Africa’s most impressive national parks as well as leisure travel services including hotel bookings and air ticket purchases – making Bonfire Adventures one of Kenya’s top five tourist companies.

3. Mufasa Tours and Travels

Mufasa Tours and Travels is an esteemed member of Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KAT), recognized for excellence by Trip Advisor. Their tour packages give guests an experience of Africa with visits to iconic sites like Amboseli National Park and Maasai Mara Game Reserve – giving visitors a taste of Africa!

Safari tours offered by this company are tailored to both individuals and groups, with their team of specialists creating itineraries to fit each guest’s specific requirements. Furthermore, training is given to their guides and drivers so they can provide their guests with an exceptional experience.

An unforgettable trip to Kenya’s breathtaking wildlife parks, Maasai Mara savannah wilderness or Mount Kilimanjaro may be life-altering experience if done with an experienced guide and company. Hiring an appropriate company could make all the difference for an enjoyable journey.

4. Wasili Safaris

Wasili Safaris is an established tour operator in Kenya renowned for their custom safari tours to various spots across the country and for their high quality services.

Their itineraries can be tailored specifically to meet your requirements, from length of stay and park selection, through accommodation preferences.

This company is a proud member of both East African Wildlife Society and Kenya Association of Local Tour Operators, and has earned several accolades along its journey.

At Kenya Safari Tours, they provide tours that cover both the iconic Maasai Mara and lesser-known national parks such as Tsavo West and Samburu National Parks. In particular, their two-day road safari in Maasai Mara will be an unforgettable experience – also one of the best ways to see Kenya’s iconic wildlife!

5. Pollman’s Tours and Safaris

Pollman’s Tours and Safaris is one of Kenya’s oldest and most highly respected safari companies, established by Karl Pollman in the 1950s. Over time, they have grown into industry leaders offering over 200 late model vehicles to meet client requirements in both group tours as well as individual travel.

Vehicles used on safari tours in Kenya are tailor-made to the local roads, offering spacious interiors with pop-open roofs for panoramic game viewing and power points to charge camera batteries as well as cooler boxes containing chilled water for cooling down in.

Vehicles equipped with seat belts pass rigorous safety inspections prior to each safari, and driver-guides with years of experience leading safaris are on board as well.

6. Gamewatchers Safaris

Gamewatchers Safaris is an established tour operator and camp owner dedicated to wildlife conservation, offering travellers access to an impressive portfolio of safari camps and lodges across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Key to their business model is the establishment of private conservancies within Kenya’s national parks and reserves, with significant impacts both for wildlife as well as local communities living there.

These areas are protected through leasing from Maasai landowners who voluntarily move into these conservancies to preserve its natural and cultural values and support livelihoods of communities reliant on livestock rearing for livelihood.

Gamewatchers launched its Adopt-an-Acre initiative in response to Kenya’s tourism slump caused by Covid-19 in 2020, following its outbreak. Through an innovative approach that allows visitors to “adopt” an acre in a conservancy that will then be kept for wildlife conservation and community benefits when tourism revenue no longer generates income.

7. Kenya Safaris

Kenya boasts an extensive array of safari parks and reserves, from world-famous (such as Masai Mara) to lesser known yet equally rewarding ones such as Tsavo National Park.

Tanzania is world-famous for its stunning wildlife, from Mount Kilimanjaro’s magnificent peak to herds of wildebeest making their annual journey over vast plains at The Great Migration.

Northern Kenya boasts numerous private conservancies with innovative conservation initiatives that involve local communities as key partners, while leading the way for more responsible ecotourism practices.

Kenyan safaris typically take place in national parks and game reserves; however, customized tours can be tailored to fit your interests and budget. If you want to extend your safari experience even further, book extras such as excursions to nearby coastal villages and wildlife sanctuaries.

8. Insight Safari Holidays

Kenya was the birthplace of safari travel, and remains an unparalleled safari destination today, offering thrilling game drives across grassy plains filled with lion prides in full flight, elephant herds, zebras, cheetahs and the wildebeest migration.

Kenya’s vibrant tourism industry means there are safari tour companies to suit any budget, making the selection process of an experienced safari provider crucial to enjoying an exceptional trip or tour experience in Kenya. It is therefore imperative that prospective guests research each safari company as carefully as they do their research before choosing one to work with. Many safari companies are members of Kenya Association of Safari Tour Operators (KATO), guaranteeing high standards and providing their guests with excellent value for money.


About Kenya Safaris

Safaris & Tours of Nairobi is a local tour company with an experienced team of tour guides and travel specialists on hand, who specialize in tailor-made safari tours designed to suit the individual or group’s specific requirements. Safaris & Tours provides safari vacations throughout Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. As members of professional travel associations and recognized for excellence by Trip Advisor.

Kenya offers a stunning mix of savannahs, lakes and the dramatic Great Rift Valley that make for unforgettable safari trips. There is also a host of national parks and reserves which provide excellent wildlife spotting opportunities.

Kenya offers more than wildlife; it also boasts numerous cultural and historical experiences that you won’t find elsewhere. Watch lion-killing in Masai Mara; marvel at snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro from highland views; purchase sisal baskets with semiprecious stones from highlands markets; or shop in an Islamic market.

Kenya’s premier safari region, Maasai Mara is well known for hosting annual wildebeest migrations and also boasts Samburu and Laikipia as prime safari spots. The best time to visit the reserve is during August through October, when millions of animals make their way across the savannah in search of water and food.

The best way to experience a Kenya safari is to hire an experienced Kenya travel agency. An expert travel director will guide you safely through the country’s remote settings and connect you with its culture and history.

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