EALA pushes to promote culture, arts

EALA-speakerMembers of East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) have promised support to Bagamoyo Institute of Arts & Culture (TaSUBa) in a step aimed at marketing it to be among the well-known centres of superiority in cultural preservation as well as development across East Africa.

Ms Margaret Nantongo Zziwa The Speaker of East Africa Legislative Assembly EALA, , on Saturday mentioned in Bagamoyo at the Official Visit by Members of EALA at TaSUBa, that this assembly had approved Article 119 to recognize the significance of culture & sports for the aim of unifying all the member countries.

Ms Zziwa addas that As the EALA motto says, ‘We are One People, One Nation and with One Destiny’ in East Africa so they shall support them as they execute this primary objective

The Speaker remarked that the assembly will make certain that the Centre for Excellence match up with many other universities in transforming the faces of traditional music and other kinds of art just as they had been thought of

Dr Fenella Mukangara the Minister for Information Youth, Culture & Sports, thanked the whole EAC leadership for choosing TaSUBa as the East African Community Centre of Excellence.

Dr Mukangara went on to say that she is conscious that the requirements for an institution to be given the recognition of being a Centre of Excellence were extremely tough and very competitive, hence, she feels grateful to wish many happy returns to the Chairperson of TaSUBa Advisory Board, the employees as well as students for achieving this success.

She asked all Members of EALA to advise and encourage artists within their respective nations to register for the professional studies at the Bagamoyo Institute of Arts & Culture in order to further enhance the quality plus standard of their creative product

She said that this historic visit is viewed as an uncommon opportunity for this institute to market itself as a powerful and dependable resource centre for instructing artistic skills to the entire Eastern African Community.

Mr Michael Kadinde TaSUBa’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, pointed out a number of the difficulties this institute is facing as insufficient capability to independently manage itself, the infrastructure plus staff members available not accommodating the requirements after introducing the admission of the applicants from the member countries of East Africa.

He requested donors to aid different projects to ensure that the institute can cater for the needs and become one of the number one centers of excellence across the entire region.

Dr Abdallah Sadala the Deputy Minister for East Africa Council (EAC), asked the institute to come up with an East African brand through working together with experts.

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