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Choosing the best safari company is often difficult given that there are many to choose from but you can take a few steps to help minimize your uncertainty.

When comparing the price-to-quality ratio, examine companies side by side to see who is offering the best deal. There will be a high and low quote for each company. The cheapest might not give you the same value as the most expensive one but if you compare them both at length, you are sure to find something that suits your needs.



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Finding the perfect vacation experience can be a daunting task, but navigating where Tanzania is located in Africa and what safaris entail will help narrow down your search.

When choosing a safari company, ask which type of vehicle they offer and expect. Look for them to offer four wheel drive, which is necessary for driving on rough terrain. Make sure your group has the option to take turns seeing sights- each person should have a window seat. Asking these questions ensures that you will be comfortable in your car.

One of the most important factors in ensuring an enjoyable safari is a knowledgeable guide. You should always ask about potential guides’ qualifications, experience, and if they speak your language.

Almost sixty percent of companies that offer safari services in Tanzania are not owned locally, which can mean you miss out on the most authentic experience. It is every traveler’s dream to see their money profit the respective country they have visited, and this is only possible by using a local company. They know the different roads better than tourists do.

Be sure to establish the company is registered – their website should have a physical address, stable ownership and they should be able to answer all your questions. You can see reviews for the companies online such as TripAdvisor and Google.

At a minimum, ask the company for references or previous clients they have dealt with. If they are unable to provide them, it may not be a good sign. Also inquire about their cancellation and refund policies; these will also help in making your decision.

There are many tour companies in Tanzania, and most of these are commonly found in the Arusha and Dar es Salaam. Use these tips to find the best Tanzania safari company.

Tanzania is an East African country lying within the African Great Lakes region. It’s a member of the east African community bordered by Uganda in the North, Burundi and Rwanda in the Northwest, Kenya in the Northeast, the Indian Ocean in the East, DR Congo in the West, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi in the South. Tanzania’s total population is approximately 55.57 million (2016) and it covers an area of 947,300 sq km. There are various cities in Tanzania such as Dodoma which is the country’s capital city, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania’s largest and economic city) and Arusha. Languages spoken in Tanzania are very many but the major ones are Swahili, English.


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Tanzania lies at an altitude of around 200 meters above sea level but this is with the exception of some islands which vary in width from about 10-40 miles. Plateaus also are approximately 900-1,800m high and they make the biggest part of the country. The country also has various mountains found in different sections, together with the lakes such as Lake Victoria, Lake Malawi, and Lake Tanganyika among others.

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The climate of Tanzania is tropical and the areas around the coast are humid and hot- the Highlands in the Northeast are temperate and cool. There are two rainy seasons; the long rains start from March to May and short rains is through October to December. The long dry season is from around June through out to October so rainfall in these months is not common. Unlike other places that receive rain; the Central plateau tends to be arid and dry all year round. Temperature ranges from 20°C to 30°C in most parts of the country.

In addition, this climate determines the great wildebeest migration so the migration goes on throughout the year involving the wildebeest and other animals like the Impalas, Elands, Gazelles and Zebras. So these animals migrate in search for water and new grazing lands, their moving patterns are fairly predictable. This is an amazing experience for a life time!