About Floodplains Antelopes in Selous Game Reserve

Covering over 55,000 sq km, the Selous Game Reserve, that is situated 350 km south of the capital Dar es Salaam, is considered to be the biggest animal sanctuary on earth.

This game reserve has among the biggest diversity of wild animals, however the biggest group within the population includes antelopes that are separated into over 15 subspecies plus the kob is a genus that has 3 subspecies living in Selous.

Kob-AntelopeThe kob, is an marine antelope that begins its life following a gestation duration of 8 months and then the calf remains in hiding as it depends on milk from its mother for not less than 4 months before it is introduced into the rest of the herd where it stays under protection another 6 months.

The social plus reproductive organization of these kobs differs according to location, resources as well as weather. In low / average population densities, the males establish standard territories and don’t move much.

The Adult males attempt to set up their territories within the best habitat to be found in a specific area that is populated by herds of several females plus their young as the herds flow and alter in size plus structure as they move from one place to another to look for green vegetation plus water.

As they are in the floodplains, in which kobs are heavily populated it is here where nearly two-thirds of the males set up traditional territories, in which the others stay in grouped territories referred to as leks that, usually, are smaller compared to just one standard territory.

The quantity of males in the middle of a lek group varies from 3 to 7, and their leks are actually the most grouped and monopolise copulation having estrous females however replacing of males within leks are more common compared to the traditional territories as majority of the males are in a position to remain in the middle positions for just 1 0r 2 days, and in unusual cases they may hold on for approximately 7 days prior to being overthrown.

The Females begin their initial heat period once they are 13 – 14 months old and they have a 20 to 26 day intervals in between estrous cycles right up until they are in a position to get pregnant as males from standard territories plus leks have varied matting techniques during short, however extremely crucial, intervals of life within the African tropical-savannah.

back In the 1970s these kobs were extensively available within the lake area of Tanzania, particularly the regions of Kagera plus Mwanza however conflicts plus civil wars within Rwanda plus Burundi generated a large quantity of refugees that severely poached them nearly to extinction.

Nonetheless, their population inside Selous Game Reserve is alleged to be a great roaming ground for species like the Nzelekela, Siwandu plus Manze and across the flooding plains of River Rufiji plus other rivers like Luwego, Kilombero plus Ruaha.

Exclusive efforts are required to safeguard this uncommon but stunning antelope prior to it becoming completely extinct within Tanzania.

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