Why Choose Tanzania Southern Game Reserves over the Northern Parks

Nile-LizardWith regards to tourism plus travel, the best of the natural reserves in Tanzania is magnificently showcased as well as captured in the impressive national parks plus game reserves inside the country. This is besides the beautiful Zanzibar beaches. The game parks plus reserves provide unparalleled opportunities to see wildlife within their natural habitat.

For the majority of safari operators plus safari travelers, the wildlife reserves in northern Tanzania including Serengeti, Manyara, Ngorongoro plus Tarangire are better recognized – they offer better safari infrastructure plus facilities. The parks in the north clearly provide the finest developed in the tourism routes of Tanzania, beginning from Arusha town.

On the other hand, the parks plus reserves within the south offer a sense of genuine African safari adventure which isn’t matched by other wildlife place on the African continent.

The main areas of the Tanzania southern circuit include the Selous Game Reserve, Udzungwa Mountains, Mikumi as well as Ruaha National parks. These are less popular and less visited as compared to the parks in the north.

Below are some of the Reasons Why You Ought To Opt for the park in Southern Tanzania:

Original and Genuine Parks

The majority of the parks found in the south such as Ruaha, had earlier been hard to get at until recently. These had continued to be nearly unchanged as well as unaffected by human unpleasant and frequently damaging activities.

Unique Safari Parks

The parks within the southern part of Tanzania are more infrequently visited in comparison to the northern parks. The huge number of wild animals plus less volume of visitors improves the experience a genuine Africa safari adventure.

Selection of Safari Activities

Additional safari activities such as boat rides on the rivers, nature walks plus bush walks, which aren’t easily allowed in the parks in northern Tanzania, are often part of the enjoyable safaris inside the parks in the southern. This provides a varied safari experience.

Safari Vehicles Open on the side

All safaris are carried out in the open-sided Safari cars offering you the real safari experience plus freedom of game viewing plus photography.

Charming Lodging Experience

The lodges plus camps within the southern reserves are far smaller and much more intimate. You hardly ever find lodges or even camps with over 20 tents. This implies that your safari experience is a lot more personal and there’s more focus on details for every safari traveler.

Simplicity to Arrange Short Safaris

Due to the shorter distance from the city of Dar es Salaam, it’s a lot easier to arrange a shorter safari for 1 to 2 nights in the southern parks. For instance, Mikumi is only Four hours drive and One hour flight. Mikumi, Selous and Ruaha are all fly-in vacation spots which enable you to keep away from lengthy drives. In the northern Tanzania, the distances are now and again long, and the journey by road is very tiring.

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