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Are you looking for Selous game reserve holiday accommodation? Consider a selection of safari lodge tented camps, lodge holiday accommodation within the game reserve itself and the areas around it. We have a listing in the Selous with a useful Game Reserve map of the Selous with attractive prices .It is therefore easy to get yourself a reservation for your best holiday accommodation during your trip to the Selous reserve. Compare prices and book now.


Accommodation in Selous is mainly concentrated in the Northern part of the game reserve. One can stay in places like the Sand river selous, a luxurious tented camp at Island Mbuyini, the Selous Mbuyu Safari Camp, Richard Bonhams, or the Rufiji river camp. Many of these accommodations offer fascinating activities in Selous among which are: game drives, long and short guided nature walks, as well as boat rides. Selous being a classic dry season, it is also home to some of the finest camps in Tanzania
a number of exceptional lodges like Beho Beho and Sand rivers offer all activities that the Selous is famous for and some of the best guiding teams in Africa are hosted here.

At a price that makes it one of the best value camps in Africa, Selous Safari Camp is a fascinating tented camp that is commonly known as the best game area of the park. The fashionable Lake Manze Camp Selous is another little but adventurous camp next to the Selous Safari camp. It is on record that it is on the elephant highway. At an even higher level of luxury with affordable prices is Manze’s sister – the Selous Impala Camp that is a little further away. Other camps in the park include the Retreat, the two Serena properties and Amara Selous.

It is possible to spend a whole day on a game drive without seeing any other vehicles as the accommodations camps within the Selous are spread out. It is mainly common with lodges in the western side of the game reserve such as sand Rivers and Beho Beho. On the other hand however, there are camps like the Siwandu, Mandu and Selous Impala camp that are located in the eastern part of the reserve and have big numbers of wildlife hence making them the best areas to view the game. They are commonly known for wild dog and lion sightings.

Cost of Accommodation in Selous Game Reserve

As earlier mentioned the accommodation facilities in and around the selous game reserve can be categorized into 3 major groups: the luxury, mid-range and budget facilities. Below are the average costs of the accommodation:
Luxury facilities such as the selous kinga lodge and selous serena camp prices range from $600 to $550
Midrange facilities range between $290 and $230
Budget facilities like the selous mapumziko lodge prices range from $200 to $140

The Seasonality of Accommodation in Selous

During the wet season when the reserve is experiencing heavy rains especially from mid-March all through April, the roads within the Selous become very slippery and impassable and for that reason many accommodation facilities close only to reopen in June when the dry season has kicked in. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you organize your perfect accommodation on your trip to Selous Game reserve.


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Where to Stay While on A Selous Safari in Tanzania