Tanzanians Urged to Visit Local Tourist Attractions

The public has been called upon to instill a routine of saving as well as developing long lasting ideas for holidays to make it possible for them to visit a number of tourist attractions within the country.

Selous-wildlifeMr. Lazaro Nyalandu the Minister for Natural Resources & Tourism, gave this advice on Saturday night while in the capital Dar es Salaam following the launching a new website for Swahili International Tourism Expo – SITE that will take place in October this very year.

Mr. Nyalandu added that the majority of the Tanzanians are restricted by traditions; they merely prefer visiting their families back in the villages during the holidays rather than planning to spend their holiday visiting the various tourist attractions across Tanzania.

The minister went on to say that in order to avoid this, it is better to start long term plans on how you intended to spend your holidays and in addition it is important to save some money so that families can visit several of the local tourist attractions.

The minister emphasized that within the ministry they have exclusive programmes to go to students and motivate them to visit a number of heritage sites to acquire knowledge plus experience which will assist them in future and also would turn out to be excellent ambassadors for Tanzania’s domestic tourism.

SITE is the initial worldwide tourism expo, being organized by the Tanzania Tourist Board -TTB.

The Expo is going to be held yearly in the month of October in the capital city Dar es Salaam at the Mlimani City Convention Centre, and is going to direct attention to incoming plus outgoing travel to Africa and is supposed to bring in several experts in the tourism plus travel industries from different parts of the world.

This Expo is going to take the structure of a travel & trade exhibition having a conference element centering on conservation, topical tourism as well as sustainability, along with other issues related with the market.

Pure Grit Project together with Exhibition Management Ltd have been appointed to work with TTB.

Further adding on to this issue he said that a number of people could be questioning why they select the word “Swahili” however it is basically because it is an Arab word, for “the coast”.

In the long run this came to be used on the people residing along the coast of East Africa and also their language. “Swahili” coast means the Magical Zanzibar Islands as well as the coastline of Tanzania mainland’s which features 805 km of unspoilt beaches surrounded by palm trees.

The rich history plus culture of Tanzania spanning from a combination of African, Indian, Arabic plus Persian values are precisely what make the people of Tanzania together with their language stand above other cultures across the globe.

Early on, Chairperson of the Tanzania Tourism Board, Ambassador Charles Sanga revealed that this expo was part of the plans to broaden tourist opportunities across the East African region.

He added that the country is endowed with a number of attractions including nature reserves, cultural heritage sites as well as beauty places therefore all over the country you will find tourism opportunities.

Best of Tanzania