Selous Game Reserve Tanzania

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To visit Selous, you have a choice of 3 transport options, flight, road and rail. A complete guide and advise on how to choose any.
The best time to visit Selous is June to October which also ranks as the highest season.
Are you looking for Selous game reserve holiday accommodation? Consider a selection of safari lodge tented camps, lodge holiday accommodation within the game reserve itself and the areas around it.
Standing as the largest game reserve in Africa, Selous is also the second largest conservation area in Africa sized at 50,000 square kilometers with lots of attractions . It is
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With over 440 bird species that were recorded in this park, Selous is a fantastic place to watch birds. The most spectacular bird habitats within this reserve are the lagoons,
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Typically, Selous offers wonderful views of wild animals. The number of lakes alongside the main circuit is a great place to view the distinctively numerous giraffes and also many ungulates

Much as the typical game drives are only allowed during the day time, you will only find some of the best boat safaris in Africa .The lodges here have got the very best of the walking operations on the African continent, particularly that is to say, Beho Beho, Siwandu and Sand Rivers Selous. Fly camping trips including long walking safaris and very daring mobile camp set ups are also run by a number of safari operators. This is such an amazing venture for those clients that like to spend a night or two under the stars.

Three of the finest camps forĀ  Tanzania Safari tours are found within the Selous. A number of them also considers themselves as the best in Africa. Camps such as the Beho Beho and the Sand Rivers are unique lodges that are and for all activities that popularize the Selous. They also have the best guiding teams in Africa.

Realize value for money at the Selous Safari camp .It is a magnificent tented camp and noted as the best game area of the park. Next to it is the no frills Lake Manze. It is a daring small camp which is famous for its being on the elephant highway. Impala camp is a bit faraway from here but gives you a luxurious level of comfort yet at a very affordable price. Rufiji River camp, The Retreat, The Amara Selous and the two Serena properties are the others where you can stay.

Time to visit the Selous Game ReserveĀ  in Tanzania

Do not assume this park at any time of the year. The Selous being a classic dry season park. The best time to visit is during the months of July to October as there are many animals that gather in this park. For the season you visit, the game gradually improves. Game viewing is only very good throughout the year and in particular areas.

The animals move away from the fertile feeding grounds during the months of January to February and this is the time for you to wisely choose your place of camping. Whilst, this is the perfect time for the best birding.